The quality
of our production
at the service
of companies.

- AgricorPrivate label service

Agricor, is not only a personal brand, but also offers a private label service dedicated to companies in the world of food products.

The private's label diffusion:

International markets, in particular the large-scale retail markets, have seen exponential growth in branded or "private label" food products in recent years. This market was initially restricted to only a few large-scale retail chains that chose to have external suppliers produce food products with their own brand. Over time and with the expansion of the number of brands engaged in the food market, the practice has become increasingly common and today they cover a large percentage of the products purchased by the final consumer.

Italian quality and experience:

The experience of Agricor, a 100% Italian company, is made available to companies for the production of food products for third parties. Agricor is in fact a controlled production chain down to the smallest detail. The passion for our work and attention to detail allow us to offer a complete service that covers all stages of processing up to the realization of the final product commissioned by the customer and ready to be marketed.

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