From good land to excellence


The product's research

In the houses of the elderly ladies of Emilia Romagna, in the shadow of the bell towers, or on the sweet hills, are hidden the real treasures : the cookbooks that Mothers and Grandmothers have passed on from generation to generation in order to preserve the ,goodness ,authenticity and transmit to their descendants the joy and the voice of a family having lunch together, with the children running around the table.

Qualified staff

We are the ones who choose one by one the vegetables that the sun has given to us. We are the ones who put in every recipe the knowledge gained generation after generation.We are the ones who do things with love. We are Italians!

Accurate quality checks

The quality of the pickles, the variety of appetizing sauces, the flavor of bruschetta, the aroma of sauces and pesto:these characteristics will take you in a world where the Made in Italy tradition is combined with new frontiers of taste. A wide range of products from selected raw materials that meet traditional recipes and innovation directly to your table.

Production certification

Quality, safety and a certified working method first of all! An avant-garde establishment that has allowed us ,over the years ,to carry out a production philosophy that is always capable of following our recipes to the letter.

When nature meets tradition.

Quality ingredients, modern technology, and the utmost respect for tradition: these are the reference points for our ranges. Agricor is known for the exceptionally high quality control standards which have always enabled it to make the finest products. Using state-of-the-art technology means that Agricor can guarantee ever safer, healthier, tastier products. But it’s the passion of people who love their job which gives Agricor products their unique flavour. Every jar captures the traditions of a company born in Food Valley, with a love for culinary excellence in its blood. After all, the only way to guarantee real quality is through an understanding of taste: Agricor is an Italian pioneer when it comes to taste, and its confidence shows.

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